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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get $250,000 in credit at zero percent interest rate?

There are many business credit programs that offer a zero percent introduction rate for a period of  9 to 18 months. However, you need a strong business credit profile. Small business credit solution will help you obtain that

How can I get a $100,000 or more without a personal guarantee? 

A corporation like a person is an entity. These entities can obtain credit. When a business extend credit to a person, its called business to consumer. When a business extend credit to a business, its called business to business. There are thousands of businesses out there that will extend credit and cash account to other businesses but the process can often be confusing. If an error is made, a company business credit rating may be damage permanently because the Fair Credit Reporting Act does not protect businesses.

How long will it take to obtain the funds?

It varies from client to client and business to business because there are a lot of different factors. It could take as little as a couple of weeks to upwards of a year. However,most if not all clients will begin to see results very soon. We do have programs for those who are seeking immediate funds. However, our flagship programs are designed to put business owners and entrepreneurs in a position to have access to capital to grow their business or as a contingency for when their business need it.

Why do I need a business credit profile?

When you apply for business credit many credit grantors will look at both business and personal credit profiles. If you dont have a strong business credit profile, it can affect the terms of the credit.

What if my personal credit score is low?

No matter what your personal credit score is you will be able to build a strong business credit profile. Your business credit profile is separate from your personal credit profile. A business owner should not rely on their personal credit profile to build their business. If you use your personal credit too often for your business, it can lower your personal credit score. You will also be held personally responsible for the company debt and creditors can possibly come after your personal assets.